Project Description

Early Baggage Hall - Heathrow Terminal 3

Project: EBH (Early Baggage Hall)
Location: Heathrow, T3
Client: Mace Ltd
Value: £3.5m

Job Description

Concrete and steel works

Flowcrete screed to Hillingdon suite, new upstands for pump station, new steps, concrete floor for Link Bridge Virgin/baggage hall, structural steel to support security shutters and bulkheads.

Front and back of House finishing trades

Raised floors, doors, windows, soft strip, and form new rooms. Vinyl and carpet finishes, decorations, suspended ceilings, supply new check in desks, architectural steelwork, handrails, joinery finishes, supply modular cabins in bag hall and automated check in kiosks and new check in desks. Included firestopping services.

Restricted Zone works

RZ zone changes; various rooms and zones were changed either in part or entirely from Airside to landside and vice versa. Included firestopping services.

Benefits to Client

Meads permanent presence at Heathrow meant we were able to be flexible with multi trade labour allocation and accommodate client requirements for fluctuating resource needs over a 3 year programme. Our airport experience was invaluable in managing exclusion zones as RZ demarcation lines were changed.