Project Description

Project: Business Case 18
Location: Heathrow, T5
Client: Mace Ltd
Value: £2.3m

Job Description

Builders work and enabling works in association with installation of new escalators and search lanes. Work as part of the increased passenger traffic as a result of the closure of T1.


Escalators; form exclusion zones, strip out and remove existing Stakeholder premises, rebuild back to shell and core of relocated units, new Litag and screed floors, decorations and joinery finishes, firestopping and penetration seals.

Search Lanes; logistics and transport of new scanners, hoardings and exclusion zones, builders work in liaison with M&E contractor, anti-fatigue matting.


Work carried out at night over five weeks.

Benefits to Client

Meads Construction were able to offer the main contractor a one stop shop approach for site set-up as well as strip-out and finishing trades. This included relocating tenants to new facilities in a swift and responsive manner.